Powder Room – utter nonsense, utter drivel!

I guess I was only really interested in this film because Sheridan Smith was included on the cast list – she plays the central character role of Sam who finds her world turned upside down on an awkward night out.

Trying to impress her better off friend and companion, we see Sam trying to raise her own expectations in the hope of improving her life while alienating her own peers.

The film is set mainly in and around a powder room of a British night club, and what girls get up to when they are in there and worse for alcohol. I’m not a girl so I don’t know for sure if these toilets would have an attendant on duty, I kind of think that might be an American influence of sorts and I’m certainly not visiting a nightclub or ladies loo to find out for sure!

The film is actually quite fast paced, and I can just imagine girls being this way in real life with the different factions and the challenges they face. Which makes it quite difficult to see this as a comedy film – inevitably the only comedy references seem to be of a sexual nature.

If this is based on any kind of real life then I am glad I am not a girl . . . . .

I rate this a poor 4/10. Highlight of the film was seeing Shakespearean actress Riann Steele in this very different role for her (cannot count Holby City because I just don’t watch soaps) – she plays it (Paige) very well and I just wanted to throttle her friend (Mel??) when she offered her drugs for the first time – it’s glamorising peer pressure and I just don’t like it !

But if you like slutty references and sexual comedy I guess this film is for you.Image
Rocky Horror meets When Women Wee . . . . .  crazy days!


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